FHE Ideas and Recipes

Tell us what fun stuff you've done for FHE and any fun snacks you've made recently!


  1. This is a recipe Wendy taught us. I made these cookies for a camping trip with some friends and they LOVED them:

    Jacob Lake Chocolate Parfait Cookies:
    1 C real butter (2 cubes)
    1 1/2 C. Granulated sugar
    1 egg
    Beat, then add:
    2 Tbsp vanilla
    2 C chocolate chips
    2 1/2 C flour
    1 tsp salt

    Bake @ 350 for 8-9 minutes til bottoms are golden (tops will not brown)

  2. This isn't really a FHE Idea, but it is a fun craft for little kids. You cut out an artist's palate from cardboard and paint on circles of paint with nail polish. (It looks wet even when it's dry!)Once it dries, give it to your little brother/sister/son/daughter with a paiintbrush and tell them it's "Fairy Paint" or as Benjo sometimes calls it "Angel Paint." Fairy or angel paint can only be seen by fairies (or angels) so Benjamin will go around the house "painting" things for hours. The best part is he doesn't make a mess!

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  4. Yesterday, I did this fun craft with Benjo:
    Take 1/4 cup salt and put it in a bowl with 4-10 drops of any color of food coloring. Mix it until there are barely any clumps. Repeat this procedure until you have about 5 different colors. Put all the salts onto a cookie tray and bake for 10 minutes on 375. Afterwards, dip a piece of paper into some water. let your child spoon out some of each colored salt onto the paper. This is a great abstract art project! (It is mainly for the fun of making it because the salt will come off pretty quickly after it's dry, but leaves some color on the paper.)
    Have fun!
    (Typed by Elisabeth)

  5. Easy Ramen Stir Fry,I made this in home-ec, and Alexander claims that it tastes as good as a restaurant.,,,2 packages ramen noodles (with chicken seasoning packets),1/2 cup each of any vegetable you want (i.e. 1/2 c broccoli, 1/2 c carrots, 1/2 c peas),approx. 2 cups water,2 tbsp soy sauce,small portion of precooked chicken or steak (optional),,>Put the vegetables into a large stir-fry pan and cook at medium-high for 1-3 minutes.,>Add water, ramen noodles (slightly break up in package), soy sauce, and ramen seasoning packets. Bring to boil and turn to low heat. Simmer until the water is evaporated. Stir in chicken or steak.,,Hope you love it!

    Sent by Elisabeth Hill

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  6. Alton Brown's Scrambled Eggs

    This is Alton Brown's egg recipe that we changed a little:

    2 eggs
    1 tsp. half-and-half
    a little butter

    Put a metal bowl over a saucepan of boiling water. Put just a little butter in the bowl. In a separate bowl, mix the eggs, half-and-half, and seasonings. Add the mixture to the heated bowl and cook until it looks done. you can put cheese over it if you want.